Facebook achète Friendfeed !


La blogosphère s’est souvent interrogée de l’avenir de face à et qui devenaient de plus en plus populaires chaque jour. Voilà que l’avenir s’améliore ! Un des objectifs de cette acquisition est d’utilisé dans des technologies développées chez (Les news en temps réel ?). qui s’était déjà inspiré fortement de cette année en ajoutant le « J’aime » aux statuts.

Cette acquisition permet aussi d’acquérir la Team dont fait partie Paul Buchheit qui est à l’origine de et Maps !

Voilà bien paré pour partir à l’assault de !!

Voici le commuiniqué de presse :

PALO ALTO, CALIF.—August 10, 2009— today announced that it has agreed to acquire , the innovative service for sharing online. As part of the agreement, all employees will join and ’s four founders will hold senior roles on ’s engineering and product teams.

and share a common vision of giving people tools to share and connect with their friends,” said Bret Taylor, a co-founder and, previously, the group product manager who launched Maps. “We can’t wait to join the team and bring many of the innovations we’ve developed at to ’s 250 million users around the world.”

“As we spent time with Mark and his leadership team, we were impressed by the open, creative culture they’ve built and their desire to have us contribute to it,” said Paul Buchheit, another co-founder. Buchheit, the engineer behind and the originator of ’s “Don’t be evil” motto, added, “It was immediately obvious to us how passionate ’s engineers are about creating simple, ground-breaking ways for people to share, and we are extremely excited to join such a like-minded group.”

Taylor and Buchheit founded along with Jim Norris and Sanjeev Singh in October 2007 after all four played key roles at for products like and Maps. At , they’ve brought together a world-class team of engineers and designers.

“Since I first tried , I’ve admired their team for creating such a simple and elegant service for people to share information,” said Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO. “As this shows, our culture continues to make a place where the best engineers come to build things quickly that lots of people will use.”

is based in Mountain View, Calif. and has 12 employees. .com will continue to operate normally for the time being as the teams determine the longer term plans for the product.

Financial terms of the acquisition were not released.

Via Techcrunch

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